Relief from depression
and anxiety.

Argo helps doctors, therapists, and patients connect to work with psychedelic medicine.

Connect with psychedelic medicine.

Working with psychedelic medicine is a deep and powerful process. We're excited to support doctor-therapist-patient triads working towards sustainable improvements in mental health.
Ketamine treatment is safe,
evidence-based, and 100% legal
Journey inward to address core issues in a transformative way
Deepen connection on a personalized path to better mental health
Clear pricing with
no hidden fees
“It was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders... like a heavy weight had shifted from me. It was absolutely amazing.”
A participant reflecting on their ketamine experience in Lascelles et al. 2019
Our team

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Though our founders and clinical team all come from different backgrounds, we share a deep commitment to supporting psychedelic medicine work.

We're excited to start working with you!
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